The Horror Corner – Thoughts on the Nightmare on Elm St. series

I hope atomic zombie doesn’t mind me sharing this space with him a little bit. We’re both horror movie fans of epic proportions. I just wanna get some thoughts out there once in awhile….plus I’ve been a bad parent, neglecting our child, our chill little blog here :(

Full disclosure…..I was the Freddy fanboy growing up. The original Elm St. is the first horror flick I remember seeing, it scared the shit outta me, and I still love it to this day. My first halloween getup was a Freddy mask and glove, I’d wear the thing anytime throughout the year. Yeah I know, weird and it explains alot :)

How do I feel about the rest of the franchise? Part 2 is very unpopular in alot of horror circles, personally, I think it’s great, as it still brings the creeps and doesn’t just redo the first flick, it does something different. Freddy possession, he gets into the kid as he sleeps and takes over. Think ‘Avatar’, but you’re an ugly burned up child killer, not a cute blue person.  Part 3, The Dream Warriors, kinda creepy, much higher on the excitement scale. It introduced the cool themed dream worlds that the kiddies would get killed in. But… also introduced wise cracking Freddy. The guy that people reference when they diss the Elm St. flix as stupid and not scary.

Elm St. 4, The Dream Master went full tilt boogie on the jokey Freddy. It still had the cool dream worlds, and upon reflection, is quite entertaining. But creepy it’s not, not even a little bit. Except for the cockroach scene….man I hate those things. I can’t even watch the last story in Creepshow cuz it freaks me the fugg out*shivers*.  Part 4 plays like a music video kinda. Freddy meets the MTV generation, yay.  Part 5, The Dream Child….hmmm. I’m entertained by it, keeps the trend, but also has a gothic vibe to it. A little more serious, but not very scary either. Pretty weird too, Freddy resurrects himself though an unborn child’s dreams. What the flux??

Part 6, Freddy’s Dead-The Final Nightmare….ahhh….the one where they kill Freddy. Honestly, this one is hard to watch, it’s more comedic than 4, without the music video charm….it’s downright bad. They didn’t even try to be spooky, they just ran with the slapstick. Freddy’s glove become’s a Nintendo style power glove? O….K….*backs away slowly*.  Then there was New Nightmare, which was a mindblowing concept at the time, Freddy is so popular, he steps out of fiction land and into reality. With some of the original’s actors playing themselves, being tortured by a new style Freddy. And get this, he’s actually creepy again. I love this one, it’s not without it’s flaws though. I feel it’s a bit slow at times and a little more drama than horror as well in some bits.

Which will bring me to my upcoming review of the Elm St. remake…what does this Freddy Krueger fanboy think? Stay tuned.

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