The Black Caesar Walkthrough

Interview Fleetwood Morgan:

  • Morphine overdose victims: Lie – Morphine for distribution
  • Numbers slips recovered: Doubt

Interrogate Jermaine Jones:

  • Army surplus morphine: Doubt
  • Involvement of ‘Ottie’: Lie – Distributor identified
  • Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt

Interrogate Merlon Ottie:

  • Army surplus morphine: Lie – Finkelstein identified
  • IOU note from Jose Ramez: Truth

Ramez Removals

Pursure the removals truck and have your partner shoot out the tires. Inside the furniture warehouse, read the ‘Mickey Cohen’ newspaper #7 and inspect the ledger that are on the desk. Follow the trail of water through the furniture toward the back and climb the ladder to the catwalks. Use the crane controls to move the boxes and clear a path into the cold room on the left side. Inspect the block of ice, shoot it with your pistol to break it open, then inspect the morphine. After the cutscene, chase down Jose Ramez and kill him.

Polar Bear Ice Co.

Chase Lenny Finkelstein, killing the guards along the way. Kill Lenny and look in the military crates to complete the case.





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