Tales from The Underbog (the next generation) – Horrible Coworker Stories, or “a gamers guide to life”

Gamers, as we get into the spring it might be good to do a little inventory. You’ve read a few of my guides so far so we’ll tack this one on for good measure eh?

Work. Unless you’re amazing and somehow invented a website in 1999 that was in essence a fan site representing a major brand, you most likely have to work with people. I’m sorry. No one can ever be as great as you so lets look at this list to acknowledge how fantastic you truly are and how horrible they really are to deal with them.

I need to preface this with some of these stories come from people working in a digital environment for a business. That means they should have some modicum of “digital” awareness.

1. Not knowing how to copy a document – I shit you not. This is my top. “Can you show me how to copy this document” blew my mind.
2. Not knowing if they work on a pc/mac – This is a close second. I mean really?
3. What is this stuff (points at html) – This is a very close third. Very. Only because this is coming from the guy who was hired to “run the website”
4. Adobe what?
5. How do I right click save as? – He was a MAC guy, but over the age of 30. No excuse.
6. What are File formats? – Yes. Indeed.
7. Cant make it into work because I’m interviewing for another job – I’m not sure what’s worse. The guy who writes that or the bosses that continue to let him work there after that.
8. Two company parties. Two fist fights. No lawsuits. No Firing.
9. Bosses who micromanage you. Right down to how they think your personality should be – This is sooo general but it’s amazing the amount of people who have this.
10. Coming into work Drunk and reeking of liquor. I think this ties to #9. If you hear them say they need to go out for drinks after a stressful day I’ll say with 90% accuracy they’re an alcoholic. Run. Run to HR.
11. What is Facebook for? Amazing..followed up by
12. What is Twitter for? – This is a little less shocking than the facebook one, but not much.
14. Blogs are worthless. U G H. But not much. There are many worthless blogs.
15. Podcasts are worthless.
16. Keywords and Meta Data are worthless to search. – This is a universally accepted best practices that takes .02 seconds of your time to do. To say it’s not worth it is like saying bacon is not the meaning of life.
17. We don’t see the value in social media. – haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Here are some coping mechanisms to help guide you through your smuggyness.

1. Look for a new job.
2. Write a blog about it.
3. Keep Silent.
4. Smile.
5. Eat a cookie.

This blog is part of the Gamers Guide to a Life Series

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