Red Lipstick Murder Walkthrough


Phelps is told in briefing that he and his new partner Rusty Galloway, are to investigate ‘The Moors’ Crime scene. Once on the scene, you’ll talk to Officer Houlihan. Talk to coroner Malcolm Carruthers. Look at the writing on victim’s torso. Closely inspect the head injury. Closely inspect the victim’s left hand (from your point of view) for a missing ring.
Observe the size 8 shoe prints. The victims purse which contains lipstick. The Bamba Club lighter (open the Bamba Club lighter: bottom piece: left three, middle piece: right once, top piece: left twice).

Drive to the Bamba Club. After talking to the barman, Garret Mason, head to the back of the club and speak to Mr. McColl:
Questions for Mr. McColl

Suspect seen with victim: Truth, he will give you license plate number. (this will unlock the “Round Heels” secret achievement/trophy).
Ring stolen from victim: Doubt.
Knowledge of husband: Doubt to get husband’s alibi.
Before you leave, use the pay phone at the front of the Bamba Club to start the trace on the license plate. Drive to the Henry Residence. Pick up the Newspaper in front of the record player. In the bedroom, look at the photo. The jewellery box on the dresser. In the dining room, pick up the women’s shoe, and look at its sole. In the kitchen, look at the note on the fridge. Look at The glass on the floor. Canvass the Neightbors southward, at the blue house, in the back yard is Jennifer Horgan, talk to her.

(Glitch Note:) The blue house to the right of the Henry Residence has a side door that Phelps can run up then down. Going over the roof can nearly kill you and going left can cuse you to loose your hat for the rest of the case if it gets stuck on the roof. (Xbox360)-x988x Drive to Jacob Henry’s Apartment. Before talking to Jacob:

Read the impression from the note pad beside the phone.
In the bedroom, in the luggage on the bed, pick up the men’s shoe, and look at its sole.

Questions for  Jacob Henry

Movements of victim: Lie, Husband’s alibi
Last contact with victim: Truth.
Motive for murder: Lie, death threat note.

Defend yourself against Jacob then use the telephone in the kitchen to call for transport, to pick up a message from the cororner about the cause of death, and to learn that the licence plate was traced to Alonzo Mendez.

Optional: Drive to Central Police Station.

Questions for Jacob Henry:

Access to murder weapon: Lie, Husband’s alibi.
Lipstick markings: Truth.
Deterioration of Marriage: Lie, Marital Problems.
Missing Jewelry: Truth.
Drive to Alonzo Mendez’s apartment. Look at the mail boxes and go inside. Enter Alonzo’s apartment on the fourth floor: In the bedroom, beside the bed, look closely at the shoe.
In a bloody box, is a socket wrench and lipstick, make sure to look closely at each. As Phelps and Rusty leave the bedroom Alonzo arrives home. Pursue Alonzo across the rooftops toward the gas station, where Rusty pulls up with the car. Chase and arrest Alonzo.

Thanks to the LA Noire Wiki

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