Quarter Moon Murders Walkthrough

The next case in L.A. Noire is called The Quater Moon Muders. This guide will help you find all the clues and get the 5 star rating, though unlike the other cases this one has no questions. This one starts out a bit different then normal as well, no dead body.

The first thing you are going to do is check out the new letter sent by BD. Check the letter for a clue. After that check the book and open it. Finally check the letter up top for your second clue.

The next part is at the fountain. Go into the fountain and climb up to get two more clues. You need to decipher the code that was left. The new clue is at the hall of records landmark. If you don’t have it unlocked look for Broadway right about the R in Central division. That little road connect to it is where it is at.

Go to the Hall of Records. Talk to the the cop sitting behind the desk. Head up to the top floor and into the maintenance room. Once inside take the ladder up. Then you have to walk across a tight rope. Once you make it across you will get two new clues. After that you have to swing thechandelier and jump off. Swing towards your partner on the wall. After the jump you need to figure out the third clue BD left. The next location is the LA public library. It is very close to the perishing square.

You will have to head up to the roof of the library. Once up there start following the path higher and higher. It is a straight path so just take it. Once you make it all the way to the top in one of the corners will be the clues. Thankfully after you finish it automatically put you at the bottom. Time to figure out the next clue. The answer is Westlake tar pits. From where you are on the map move the cursor all the way to the left till you see a question mark on what looks like a dock. That is it.

Approach the tar pits and you will get some boots for walking on the tar. You have to move quick between the platforms so you don’t sink. The platformswith the 4 poles sticking out are safe for as long as you need. From the start go forward and then take the left path. Just follow the platforms to the middle island. Once there you will get two more clues. Yet again they take you out themselves. Time to figure out the next clue. It is the LA county Art museum. It is pretty much directly north of you on the map.

At the museum you have to reach the center of the maze. It isn’t much of a maze though pretty simple to get through. In fact I pretty much just stayed on a straight path. Two new clues here as well. It takes you out and you have to figure out the next clue.The next place is the Intolerance movie set. you have been here before it is off 8th street.

At the set, climb to the throne. There are some stairs towards the back you will take. Keep going forward until you come to part where you have to balance something until Galloway can help you out. Just try to keep it centered. After that go forward until you can take a ladder down. Two more new clues. After that everything starts falling apart you just keep running straight for the most part and you’ll be fine. Let’s figure out our last clue. It is Christ crown of thorns to the lower left of the move set.

The last part is at the church. Once there head inside. A cut scene will play and you will have to go into the house. Once in the house there are a few things you can check, nothing is important or a clue though. After you go through the house you will enter the catacombs. In the catacombs you will be shot at so use cover around every corner. Once you reach the end put him down.Then you will have a cut scene. After that you will get the trophy/achievement “The simple Art of murder”

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