Nintendo Wii-U Open Thread

Some Guys Just Wanna Talk About What is going on with the Wii-U.
Nintendo Wii-U Console


I’m really at a loss with how much praise Joystiq gave the Wii-U because I really am having trouble seeing the value here. The selling point is this tablet, right? The way I’m seeing it you’re giving me a handheld tablet that’s not in HD to play console games. Is there some expectation that I’ll completely overlook my beautiful 47 inch 1080p tv. I mean I felt the controller recently and man it’s huge. It’s like My ipad but far worse to hold. I game on that? Is that the idea here? To be some kind of iPad competition? To me sure it’s a new method to gaming and we all have a habit of jumping on “fads” – it’s just our culture – I’m just really struggling to see the long term viability of this. Can you help me understand what nintendo’s logic is on this? What’s the word on the street? What is the fanboy picture? What is the hater picture? (probably mine?)


Well…I’ve only glanced at said joystiq article…why? When it comes to the Wii-U, I.JUST.DON’T.CARE…..ok ok, that’s not 100% accurate…maybe 80% accurate. I’m a total tech nerd and I do get excited for new toys and stuff that has the potential to be interesting….that sums up Nintendo’s new offering to me, has potential, but just not very interesting. As far as the word on the street, your guess is as good as mine. I have heard no one talk about how they’re getting one of these or how they can’t wait for it, etc etc.

Now that I’ve gotten my Nintendo hate outta the way for today. Let’s get into my own preliminary opinions on the thing. I’ve also tried out the controller a couple weeks back. I gotta disagree on the feel, I found it very light and comfortable…it felt as good as any solid gaming controller, just wider. As far as what I’m supposed to be buying into, the tablet portion is an extension of the game. I don’t see it as a sole handheld system because I know not every game will support this function. I see it as many things, such as inventory management in maybe an RPG. Or maybe mapping functions in an open world game. Play calling or stat tracking for sports. As I’ve said, potential for a lot of things….nothing of which excites me unfortunately. About the only encouraging thing I can say about it is this. People knocked the DS touchscreen….it was a hit. People laughed at the Wiimote….another hit…..can they hit it a third time? Hard to say, but I’m not confident homie.


Maybe I didn’t give the controller a fair shakedown as far as weight, but it does feel too big/wide for my own liking. And the buttons are all small. Although slightly different this is/was an issue with the PSP and playing games that involved…action? You also bring up good points about the added future abilities with inventory management or open world mapping.I guess for me when I hear about systems in today’s game world I want to hear what they can do now more than what might they do. Call it the Peter Molyneaxu effect. While fun to think up ideas many of I feel these are very rarely implemented or even done well. How about the precision wii-mote and light sabers? Or kinect being anything greater than a fun new toy like rock band. But, I guess, for every preipheral that collects dust there is a Skylanders. Which will be on the Wii-U. (insert stupid activtision ONLY WANTS MONEY rant here)
Speaking of games what about games being released on it? Do any of them even seem interesting? A new Zelda? New Mario Brothers side scroll that looks soul crushingly hard. I mean did you see the xplay run through? I couldn’t even keep up with my eyes. I didn’t know what the hell to look at? /old. I still think we need to figure out together why make this for sale. Why should >I< buy it. Are those selling points greater/new than what I have now?
Holy shit meng…..I think you said it all with “the Peter Molyneux effect”. I love the guy and what he tries to do for gaming, but the execution in the end doesn’t even come close to matching the promise. And if the Wii wasn’t that, I dunno what is. But every new system that drops, you’re always gonna buy into the potential. I bought the 360 on launch day, knowing very well that something like Gears of War wouldn’t come out till a year later. And I think that’s the thing….even though it was mainly graphical, I knew my average games would look that good over time and give me experiences I’d never had in a game up to that point. The Wii-U doesn’t make me excited for the future…I’m getting an Xbox 360 quality of game with a gimmick that I don’t care for. The gaming world bought into the Xbox 360 quality 7 yrs ago now. I really want to be fair, but I can’t get past “ooooh, Nintendo games in hi def”.

I’m sure a year or two after launch, Nintendo will do something that might make me want it, something on a Mario Galaxy level. But as it stands, that launch lineup is ‘been there, done that’ and unimpressive Nintendo only offerings. If you wanna know who I think might buy this system right away….and that’s a strong might, are the people who only bought into the Wii this generation. Those people will get something new….the rest of us, have been just fine for the last 7 yrs with an xbox360/ps3. And we’re definitely not willing to drop 300$+ on ‘been there, done that’.


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