Manifest Destiny Walkthrough

Clues To Find:
Blue Room pass
Valor cigarettes
BARs (Browning Automatic Rifles)
Coolridge Heist

There’s a bunch of junk cluttering up the room, but the most notable clues are already called out by the A, B, C evidence labels. The instrument case at exhibit B holds a peculiar secret. When you pick up each of the three metal knobs and return them, a secret compartment pops out, providing the Blue Room pass and morphine clues. Be sure to pat down the lifeless corpse for an update to the morphine clue. The room in the back boasts some interesting clues: BARs and Valor cigarettes

Questions for Witness: The Hostess

111 Club shooting incident: Doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth

New Objective: Investigate The Blue Room

Questions for Elsa Lichtmann

Army surplus morphine: Doubt
Morphine overdose victims: Doubt

Tail Elsa Lichtmann and follow Elsa’s cab back to her home.

Interview Mickey Cohen

Follow the host to Mickey’s table.
Questions for Meyer Harris “Mickey” Cohen

Finkelstein drug operation: Doubt
111 Club shooting incident: Doubt

Clues To Find: Manifest

In addition to the new manifest clue, you’ll update existing info on the Valors and BARs. Meet with Robbery Detectives Drop by the Robbery Detectives’ office.
Take a look at the manifest and tap on all the red circles.

Clues To Find:
Sniper’s handbook

Attend Bus Stop Shooting and run around the building until you find a ladder leading upwards to the roof. Nail the guy. Pat down the shooter’s body for his sniper’s handbook. Inspect the weapon to confirm the BAR. From Felix’ successful interview you’ll gain knowledge of the 6th marines.

Questions for Victim: Felix Alvarro

Informed of Coolridge heist: Doubt
Motive for shooting: Lie
Sniper’s notebook.

Access the nearest telephone to locate Kelso. Interview Jack Kelso – go to revealed address for Jack Kelso.

Questions for Jack Kelso

Army surplus morphine: Doubt
Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth
Arms stolen from Coolridge: Truth
S.S. Coolridge robbery: Doubt

Clues To Find:
Shooter’s notebook
Copy of manifest

New Objective: Attend Robert’s Diner Shooting. Hurry to Robert’s Diner.Pursue the troublemakers by car. Shoot them down in the alleyway. You’ll also find another newspaper in the alleyway. It’s hard to miss. You should now also have two locations to look into. Examine the corpses to collect evidence afterward. The front pockets of the nearest corpse yield both the shooter’s notebook and copy of manifest.

New Objective: Investigate Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Check what’s happening at the Chinese Theatre. A hot pursuit commences. After putting their vehicle out of commission, gun down the masked shooters.

Clues To Find:
Beckett’s confession
Business card

Beckett, lying closest to you when you start, manages to sputter out Beckett’s confession and clutches a
business card in his left hand. Dig through the blue jacket pockets of the other corpse across the room for the meeting place location.

New Objective: Investigate Hollywood Post Office

Eliminate the four trigger-happy men in front. Check over the area for clues that can be found from the corpses all over. Head for the Meeting Place. Investigate 1640 North Las Palmas. A heated action sequence: eliminate every armed criminal here to move on to the next objective. Return to Hollywood Police Station. Move into Interview Room 2.

Questions for Suspect: Courtney Sheldon

6th Marines being targeted: Lie
The shooter’s notebook or note connects Sheldon and Cohen.

S.S. Coolridge robbery: Lie
Beckett’s confession squeezes desperation out of Sheldon.

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