L.A Noire Case Upon Reflection Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the quest “Upon Reflection” in L.A. Noire.

Objective 1: Investigate Crime Scene

Drive to the crime scene location, indicated on the mini-map.

Newspaper #1:
Investigate the “Shrink Says:” newspaper, which is found on some crates on
the right side of the alley; your partner momentarily looks at this area while
passing by and makes a comment about trash. Go take a look at the bloodstain on the door that your partner stops at. Head to the left and examine the area opposite of the green dumpster, which reveals a gun on the roof.

Walk further down the alley to reveal a pipe, which you can climb to the roof.  To your left is the murder weapon. Pick it up to take a look at it, and then
examine it further to look at the bullets. Climb back down to the alley, set your destination location to the gun store
in your notebook, then enter your vehicle and drive to the location on your mini-map.

Objective 2: Investigate Gun Store

Enter the front door of the gun store. You are given the ledger to examine; find the correct pistol entry (it’s the fifth entry), which is on the second page of the ledger (ignore the first
page). Exit the gun store, set your new destination to the apartment from your notebook, and get into your vehicle and drive to the marker on your mini-map.

Objective 3: Investigate Schroeder’s Apartment

Cross the street and enter the left side door of the apartment building. Examine the mailbox to your right, which reveals the correct apartment (#2).
Climb the stairs and knock on apartment #2, which is on the right. After the cutscene, you will engage in a brawl with Schroeder. This is an
easy fight to win; all you have to do is mash the punch button.

Objective 4: Search Schroeder’s Apartment

Go to the dresser Schroeder opened in the earlier cutscene when he was searching for his pistol. Examine it to find a notebook, which if you turn the
page will reveal the name of Floyd Rose.

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