Dead Nation Trophy Guide

I’ve been earning trophy’s like crazy since Sony gave away this game. So here goes nothing.

Morbid mode
Successfully complete the game on the Grim difficulty to unlock the Morbid difficulty.
Undead mode
Successfully complete the game on the Grim difficulty to unlock the Undead difficulty.
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Easy Does It (Bronze): Complete Campaign mode on ‘Braindead’.
And So It Begins… (Bronze): Complete Mission 1 (any difficulty level).
A Trip Downtown (Bronze): Complete Mission 2 (any difficulty level).
Walk in the Park (Bronze): Complete Mission 3 (any difficulty level).
On top of the World (Bronze): Complete Mission 4 (any difficulty level).
Out of the City (Bronze): Complete Mission 5 (any difficulty level).
Hospital Bill Through the Roof (Bronze): Complete Mission 6 (any difficulty level).
Gravedigger (Bronze): Complete Mission 7 (any difficulty level).
Train to Nowhere (Bronze): Complete Mission 8 (any difficulty level).
Sleeping with the Fishes (Bronze): Complete Mission 9 (any difficulty level).
Took the Highway (Bronze): Complete Mission 10 (any difficulty level).
Teamwork (Bronze): Complete a mission in Co-op mode (any difficulty level).
Survivor (Bronze): Complete a mission without dying.
Zombie Killer (Bronze): Kill 1 000 zombies.
Up Close & Personal (Bronze): Perform 500 melee kills.
Blown To Bits (Bronze): Blow up 1,000 zombies.
Pyromaniac (Bronze): Burn 1 000 zombies.
Car Killer (Bronze): Destroy 500 vehicles.
Upgrader (Bronze): Fully upgrade a single slot of any weapon in Campaign mode.
Suit Up (Bronze): Collect an armor piece.
Contributor (Bronze): Help your country to clear the virus infection.
Mediocrity (Silver): Complete campaign mode on ‘Normal’.
Tough Enough (Silver): Complete campaign mode on ‘Grim’.
Very Dead (Silver): Complete a mission on ‘Undead’.
Skilled (Silver): Complete a mission without receiving any damage.
Zombie Hunter (Silver): Kill 10 000 zombies.
Aim For The Head (Silver): Perform 500 headshots.
Weapons Specialist (Silver): Fully upgrade all slots of any weapon in Campaign mode.
Looter (Silver): Collect all the loot in any mission.
Morbid Curiosity (Gold): Complete Campaign mode on ‘Morbid’.
Double the Action (Gold): Complete Campaign mode in Co-op mode.
Genocidiary (Gold): Kill 53 596 zombies.
Top Gear (Gold): Collect all armor pieces.
King Of Looters (Gold): Collect all the loot in every mission.
Romero Would Be Proud (Platinum): Collect all trophies.

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