Buyer Beware Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the Quest Buyer Beware in L.A. Noire

Objective 1: Search Crime Scene

You will start out in front of the victim. Check the victim’s left jacket pocket to find a clue, the Bank of Arcadia payment note. Scroll down to get the
full clue. Past the victim’s body are some shell casings on the sidewalk, which were ejected from the murder weapon.

Beyond the shell casings is a trash can. Go up to it and search it to find the murder weapon: a pistol. Make sure you angle the gun properly in your hand
so that you get the full clue.

Objective 2: Question Witness

There is a witness in a red shirt on the opposite side of the sidewalk from the trash can (he is standing among other people). Go over and talk to him.

Objective 3: Question Incident Eyewitness

After talking to the man in the red shirt, make your way inside the store (a short cutscene with your partner will trigger). Inside the store, talk to the woman (the incident eyewitness). This will trigger your first interview.

Clovis Galletta Interrogation

Q1: Eyewitness account
Lie -> Layaway voucher

Q2: Possible murder suspect

Q3: Details of shooting

Objective 4: Investigate Gun Store

Set Eagleson’s Gun Store as your current destination (inside your notebook), and head over there in your vehicle with your partner. Enter the store and talk to the man working the store. He will give you and your partner a new clue.

Objective 5: Investigate Hartfield’s Jewelry

Set Hartfield’s Jewelry Store as your current destination and travel over there. Talk to the man working at the store, which will start the next objective.

Objective 6: Apprehend Edgar Kalou

The man working the store (Edgar Kalou) will start a foot chase. During this foot chase, you are given the option to aim your gun at Mr. Kalou by using the aim button. If you hold it on him long enough to fill up the entire circle, you will fire a warning shot and stop the foot chase. A good spot to end the chase with a warning shot is past the water fountain in the grassy park area (with some trees). Kalou will have to run a good distance while in this location, so you should be able to hold your aim on him.
If you can’t stop Kalou, the foot chase will eventually end by itself when Kalou gets stopped by some cars (allowing you to run up to him and apprehend

Objective 7: Obtain a Murder Conviction

After a cutscene, you are now taken to the police station, where you will
interview Edgar Kalou.

Edgar Kalou Interrogation

Q1: Argument with Gage
Lie -> Suspect positively identified

Q2: Possible religious motive

Alternate: Shooting incident
Lie -> Murder weapon serviced

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