Brink Achievement Guide

Ahh, yes. Another game, another shooter, and another thing for neckbeards and “>chozo to rage over. I guess we’ll put it here along with a few videos. Lets the achievement collecting commence!

1. That’s How You Win A Match (10G) – While on defense, take down an attacker who’s completing a Primary Objective.

2. Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings (10G) – Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down.

3. Cut ‘Em Off At the Pass (10G) – Close an enemy team’s shortcut.

4. Oh I’m Sorry, Was That Yours? (10G) – Capture an enemy Command Post.
5. Not So Sneaky Now, Are You? (10G) – Reveal an enemy in disguise.
6. You Shall Not Pass! (20G) – While on defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective.
7. Was It the Red or the Blue Wire? (10G) – Disarm an HE charge.
8. Great Shot Kid! One In A Million (10G) – Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade.

9. They Never Knew What Hit Them (20G) – While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit.
10. The Story Has Just Begun (100G) – Win both story campaigns (not including What-If missions).
11. You’ve Escaped The Ark (75G) – Win all main missions of the Resistance campaign (not including What-If missions).
12. The Start of Something Big (20G) – Win any mission, whether campaign or What-If.
13. You’ve Saved the Ark (75G) – Win all main missions of the Security campaign (not including What-If missions).
14. Viva la Revolution! (50G) – Win every Resistance campaign mission, including What-If missions.
15. Use the Wheel, Earn More XP (10G) – Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective Wheel.
16. I Think I Know A Shortcut (10G) – Open a shortcut for your team.
17. To Serve and Protect (50G) – Win every Security campaign mission, including What-If missions.
18. Tough As Nails (80G) – Win all storyline campaign missions (exc. What-If missions) in either Online Versus, or in Hard mode.
19. Well Done! (10G) – Complete your first 1 Star Challenge.
20. Very Well Done Indeed! (20G) – Complete your first 3 Star Challenge.
21. No I Insist, You Take It (5G) – Use the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate’s ammo rather than your own.
22. It’s A Trap! (10G) – Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge.
23. Who’s Bad? (25G) – Complete all 1 Star Challenges.
24. You’re Going Places, Kid! (20G) – Reach Rank 2.
25. Time To Start A New Character (100G) – Reach Rank 5.
26. King of the World! (100G) – Complete all 3 Star Challenges.
27. Well That Was Educational (50G) – Collect all Audio Logs.
28. Smart Decisions Win Battles (10G) – Attempt to Revive an objective-class teammate over a non-objective teammate near a Primary Objective.
29. I Live… Again! (5G) – Revive yourself.
30. You Can Place Another Mine Now (10G) – Take down an enemy with a mine.
31. Pump Up the Volume! (10G) – Upgrade your team’s Command Post.
32. T’is Better to Give Than Recieve (10G) – As a Medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give the last of your Supplies away.
33. A Bit Of A Headache (5G) – Take down an enemy with a Cortex Bomb.
34. Boom! (10G) – Detonate a HE Charge.
35. That Mine You Found? Disarmed! (10G) – Spot a mine which is later defused by another Engineer.
36. Brinksmanship (10G) – Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise.

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