We’re heading into the  home stretch of the football season and none of my teams, the Bengals and Texans, are in it. Not even the teams I was rooting for last week won – Baltimore and San Francisco! How great would it be to have the Niners in the Bowl again? I honestly could care less about either team in all reality. I was just doing as other fans do and root for a team in a game because their team is out. Something came up as I reflected on the Niners loss last week. I realized that over the past 20 or so years almost every team I root for loses.

As a life-long Cincinnati Bengals fan this should come as absolutely no surprise, but there was a time they were good in the 80’s! Remember the Icky Shuffle! I do! They of course ran into Joe Montana. In baseball I love the Cincinnati Reds  and they have stunk it up since 1990 and utterly broke my heart in 2009. I have a passing enjoyment of the Philadelphia Phillies mostly because they’re the “type” of baseball I like and from my own poor choice the City I live in. Apart from 2008 they haven’t “won” it all and lost in spectacular fashion last year. Before that they were amazingly bad – yes of course they have won their division and are in the middle of a Dynasty but anyone who follows baseball knows they stunk for a long time. In college Football it’s the great evil Notre Dame which is really just asking for a ass-beating these days.I’ll be brutally honest in that I haven’t cheered for them since Lou Holtz. I’ve given up on that mess of a school. Charlie Weis. Really?

Now take a look at those awful teams and you’ll see why almost every year teams I like lose and that my poor choice in teams seeps into weeks when my teams lost. I realize this might just be a hex some elderly lady placed on me because I delivered her meds a few hours late or this might just be my M.O. You’re wondering why does this matter to you? Well, you better hope that I’m rooting against your team.

And I’m rooting for the Patriots.

Because I totally, completely, and utterly dislike Eli Manning.


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